Spectrum® Lockers – Maintenance Procedure

Spectrum® locker(s) are made from the highest quality of solid phenolic available on the market. However, to ensure your lockers’ permanence and long term use, the following periodic inspection and maintenance is recommended twice a year:

  • Tightly fasten any screws and bolts that may have become loose as a result of attempted vandalism, vibrational forces, or other external causes.
  • Using light grade machine oil, grease hinges and locking mechanisms. Open and close doors multiple times to ensure smooth operation. Remove excess oil.
  • The surface of your locker can easily be cleaned with warm water and mild detergent (ex. Windex®, Fantastic®, etc.). Rinse off with clean water and dry with an absorbent cloth. For tough stains, use organic solvent solutions like acetone, mineral or white spirit, turpentine or petroleum, while ensuring the substance is kept away from any nylon hardware.

*Note, use of concentrated acid, caustic or abrasive cleaning agents is not recommended.

  • For extra shine and protection, apply a layer of liquid or spray wax to surface and polish to a glossy finish.
  • For further information on Spectrum’s solid phenolic material, refer to the Manufacturer’s Guidelines, or visit trespa.info.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when using any cleaning agent or disinfectant.
Using a combination of products may cause unwanted chemical reactions which produce harmful gases.
When surfaces have been cleaned with aggressive cleaning agents, they should be rinsed well to dilute the cleaning agent and prevent it from drying on the panel surface.
Strong acid or alkaline based cleaners like chlorine bleach, grout cleaners, drainer cleaners, oven cleaners, etc. may permanently damage solid phenolic surfaces.
Prolonged exposure of more than 350 °F can damage solid phenolic surfaces.
Heavy impact caused by tools such as hammers, knives, pry-bars can scratch or damage solid phenolic surfaces.