SCRC Color-Thru Lockers
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Spectrum Lockers Offers Color-Thru Options!

Need Color-Thru Options For Your Lockers?

We have got you covered! Spectrum can be specified in Natural Color-Thru SCRC ( matches Bobrick’s SierraSeries® 1090). The SCRC Natural Color-Thru panels are one homogenous piece, which means the surface, edge, and core are the same color.  The final result is a very seamless aesthetical look without black lines. This process also makes them resistant to delamination and fading. This creates endless design possibilities and unparalleled aesthetic appeal. With these color-through SCRC Composite Panels, designers and architects can forget about the brown or black line and take their designs to the next level.

Create a coordinated color-thru experience

The SCRC  panels can even be matched with coordinating bathroom partitions, helping you create a clean and coordinated look in your next bathroom, shower and gym locker room facility.

What’s more, they are:

  • Scratch and dent, moisture and impact resistant
  • Feature a 25-year limited warranty against corrosion and delamination
  • Provide non-ghosting graffiti removal

The SCRC colors are also part of Spectrum’s Express Delivery products, which means that if any of the SCRC colors are specified, up to 10 lockers can be shipped in only 7 to 14 days!

Let us help you create customized lockers!

As always, Spectrum Lockers can be specified in any of our 7 configurations; from 1 to 6 tiered. as well as our popular Z-tier locker configuration. Need a customized solution? At Spectrum Lockers, we specialize in creating a customizable to fit your design needs.

Get in touch with us and we’ll assist you through each step of the design, specification, delivery and installation process. Use our free Email Spec Service which makes it easier than ever to generate customized specs, cut sheets, and schedules. We have a team of talented spec builders ready to assist you in building any specs and answering any question you might have. Give it a try!

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