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Customized Z-Tier Locker for Utah Orthopedic Center

The University of Utah Orthopedic Center; Utah’s best orthopedics care for sports medicine, joint replacement and physical therapy chose customized Z-tier lockers for their clinic.

The center required lockers that were a custom size and they also required additional cubbies to store their clients’ shoes. Due to Spectrum Lockers CNC design flexibility, we were able to discuss their needs and come up with a customized solution that delivered exactly what the University of Utah Orthopedic Center needed.

Customized Z-Tier Lockers

Here at Spectrum Lockers, we have a fleet of powerful CNC machines, that allow us to cut and customize our products to fit most product requirements while ensuring our lockers maintain their integrity and durability. For the University of Utah Orthopedic Center, our Z-tier lockers were made in the larger size that the Orthopedic center required and large accommodating cubbies were added to the bottom of the lockers as well. This provided a simple and functional storage solution for their client’s footwear. Also, the durable cubbies also act as benches to ensure ease of mobility for clients when removing and wearing their footwear as well.

The Z-Tier Locker is one of our most popular lockers, here is why!

Spectrum Z-Tier Locker

  • Z-Tier lockers allow for wheelchair accessibility and can be designed to ensure ADA and barrier-free mobility.
  • Benches can be added that maintain ADA compliance and wheelchair accessibility.
  • They provide space savings while providing ample storage.
  • The shape of the Z-tier lockers provides the height advantages of a single compartment while providing the space savings of two.
  • The unique design is striking and provides a modern, geometric look.


Spectrum Lockers are exceptionally well made, long lasting and beautiful as well. Available in hundreds of exquisite colors, finishes and the best woodgrains in the market-Spectrum is where style meets durability.


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