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Spectrum’s newest product, Athletic Lockers

Spectrum’s newest product, Athletic Lockers, was born out of necessity. They were originally crafted for our annual charity event Hat-Trick for Humanity. In 2020, we had planned to make the event twice as large, so we needed more space for the additional teams & players. Setting up the lockers in our warehouse, we were able to create a changeroom space for 16 teams over 2 days.

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The positive feedback from the players was unanimous, so we decided to make them available to all! Here are some details about the lockers, including the unique features and benefits they possess.

Spectrum Lockers created a one-of-a-kind custom bench made out of Trespa® cutoffs, consisting of 2 shelves up top, one cup holder and of course the bench seat. These benches stand 6” high and are 30” wide, using approximately ten Trespa® pieces and two finished cables. 

The assembly of the custom benches was made possible by using a total of 24 screws, providing ease in dismantling the bench for transportation and installation. In addition to the aesthetics, these benches come fully equipped with five stainless steel hooks ready to take on your essential equipment.

We are also able to customize the lockers with your branding. Here are a couple of examples of what we can do:

U of T & Flynn lockers

Impressed and ready to take on new innovation? 

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