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Ontario Home Builders Association magazine releases “New pet-washing station for condominiums” with Spectrum Lockers

As life becomes increasingly fast-paced and task-driven, people are turning to pets for more than just companionship. Millennials are now the largest generation in North America and many of them are choosing pets instead of having children because financial security is becoming increasingly difficult to reach.

Our fur babies are more than just pets, they’re family members with whom we share unforgettable moments. They deserve their own spaces where they can rest and be groomed with all the comfort they need. 

North Americans invest billions on pet-related expenses which shows that people care about their pets’ wellbeing. The National Association of Realtors found 81% of homebuyers considered their pets’ needs when deciding where to live. 

In most cities in North America, condominiums thrive on every street corner, as buying any type of home becomes almost unaffordable for most city-dwellers. The growing demand for pet washing stations comes from the fact that more and more people are settling in condominiums and, as you can guess, bathing or showering our dogs on the terrace is not possible for many reasons.

Spectrum Lockers are an integral part of the “new condo pet-washing station” featured in the latest issue of the Ontario Home Builders Association magazine. Spectrum storage lockers are perfect for storing all supplies, such as shampoos, conditioners and towels. They’re customizable, long-lasting, moisture resistant, dent and graffiti resistant.

Check out the feature article in Ontario Home Builders Magazine, page 38:

Read article in OHBA Magazine


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