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What Is Phenolic Material & How Is It Made?

Have you ever heard of Phenolic Lockers? Well, listen up because lockers made of phenolic material is the answer to all your problems. Attractive, durable, easy to clean and it can be made a wide range of colors and sizes. With a material so versatile, Spectrum lockers allow you to achieve the look you want and with the quality you need.

What is phenolic material and how is it made?

The process starts with sheets of Kraft paper that are injected with a thermosetting resin, and the surface layers which are injected with melamine-based resins. Both sheets are then bound together with heat and pressure to create a homogeneous material. After the sheet has been dyed, it is cured by a light, which makes the color UV resistant and long-lasting. This innovative process creates a material which is both tough and stunning. This process allows phenolic material to be offered in a vast selection of colors, giving you design freedom and a peace of mind that comes from our durable material.

Is phenolic material suitable for high-traffic areas?
Graffiti marks, a sandwich left overnight, stale water that wasn’t cleaned up over the weekend… These are some elements that cause damage to lockers. With Spectrum lockers, you don’t need to worry about wear and tear. Spectrum lockers can withstand these factors making them perfect for high traffic areas. You won’t have to worry about mold, vandalism or denting because phenolic is designed to last and is easy to clean.

Why choose the Spectrum team?
Our talented team is located in Toronto, Ontario. If you have any questions about your project, we are here to assist you in any way. We also know that not everyone knows how to work with phenolic material. The combination of the material we work with, the technology we use and the expertise of our staff means that you will get the highest quality cut possible.

Drop us a line and we can brainstorm to see how we can transform your space using Spectrum Lockers.


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