Spectrum Lockers get you unleash your creativity
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3 Ways Spectrum Lockers Can Unleash Your Creativity

The sleek and stylish Spectrum lockers can transform the look of a project, and while locker durability and resistance to wear and tear are of the utmost importance, design is one of the key aspects of the selection process. The good news is that with our Phenolic Spectrum lockers, durability and aesthetic appeal go hand-in-hand. What’s more, is that they can also be customized! The sky’s the limit when it comes to the look of the lockers.

Using the latest state-of-the-art computer equipment, our talented team can help you meet your functional and high-end design needs. Here are some of the ways Spectrum lockers can help meet your requirements and rise above the rest:

1. You Can Leave Your Mark

Our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines allow complete precision, enabling us to engrave any detail or design onto the lockers. Simply send us a vector file to scale in Adobe Illustrator or AutoCad with the specifications, and we will make it happen. This makes customization and branding easy.

  • Logo
  • Emblem
  • School crest
  • Message
  • Instructions

2. We Adapt to Your Space

Our high-end phenolic material, the CNC machines, and a little help from our talented team help us make a truly amazing product, custom-made to suit your needs.
Have a tight fit? Have a lot to hold? Leave it to us, we have got you covered. Our lockers can be made in various dimensions, while still ensuring durability and superior reliability.

3. More Styles Mean More Options for You

We use Trespa® not only because it’s durable, but also because it’s highly attractive. Available in a wide range of colors, Trespa® offers a variety of options to help you meet all your design and branding needs with exceptional visual appeal. Our durable Spectrum lockers provide peace of mind without compromising on style.