How to clean Spectrum Phenolic Lockers.
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How to Clean Phenolic Lockers

Spectrum Lockers are constructed with Trespa® Athlon® and Trespa® Virtuon®, which are designed for intensive, interior use. The non-porous surface elements can be frequently cleaned and no special cleaning products are necessary. Just grab some soap and water, and perhaps your favourite disinfectant.

For general, everyday use:

Use a damp or dry cloth with soap. Wipe damp surfaces with an absorbent cloth. Do not use concentrated acid, caustic or abrasive cleaning agents.

To remove severe soiling:

  • Mix hot water and soap and use a sponge to wipe the surface. Then leave it to soak then rinse the surface with clean water then dry with an absorbent cloth.  Be careful when using cleaners with bleach as they can ruin your surface.
  • Use solvent-based varnishes and adhesives to remove stains from nail polish, ink and spray-paint. Use organic solvents such as acetone, white spirit, turpentine or petroleum.
  • Remove wax from candles or crayons immediately with soap and water. For wax stains that are dried, scrape them off with a wooden or plastic spatula. Remove the remainder with an organic solvent.


  • Remove lime scale with cleaning agents that contain 10% acetic acid or citric acid. Rinse surfaces and edges very thoroughly!

Using disinfectants:
You can use disinfectants when cleaning the surface of your Trespa® panels. Both the decorative surface and core of Trespa® Athlon® are highly resistant to most commonly used disinfectants such as:

  • Alcohol, preferably 60-70% solution in water.
  • Aldehydes, although not in, or in combination with, quaternary ammonia compounds.
  • Chlorine separating compounds. However, long term use of these products can cause certain pigments to fade.
  • Phenols, not to be used for kitchen disinfection.
  • Peroxide compounds (hydrogen peroxide and organic peracids).
  • Quartenair ammonia compounds.

Please note: Some products contain both cleaning and disinfecting components. Also known as detergent sanitizers, these products are intended for simultaneous cleaning and disinfection of light and medium soiled surfaces for rooms where there is no real risk of infection.

CAUTION: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when using any cleaning agent or disinfectant. Do not use a combination of products. It may cause unwanted chemical reactions which produce harmful gases. Always rinse well when using aggressive cleaning agents to dilute it and prevent it from drying on the panel surface.

These guidelines are based on the instructions of cleaning and handling Trespa. For more information please go to Trespa Info.

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