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Project: Barre3 Toronto’s New Leslieville Studio

Take a look at the aesthetic lockers, Spectrum Lockers created for Barre3-an exercise studio that has over 127 locations and is still growing. Recently, B3 opened their new Leslieville location at 1383 Queen St E, Toronto.

The studio is a beautiful space, equipped with a play lounge for children and a changing room that includes lockers and showers.  For this zen, new location B3 chose made-to-order Z-Tier Spectrum Lockers to add to the aesthetic appeal of their studio. These soft woodgrain lockers are complemented with sleek, stainless steel hardware and Be-Tech Digital locks. This ensures their client’s belongings are stored away securely.

Envision your own aesthetic lockers

Create your own masterpiece by getting in touch with our talented team located in Toronto, Ontario who are experts in working with phenolic. We’ll assist you through each step of the design, specification, delivery and installation process. You can even review 3D renderings of your lockers to ensure your custom lockers are just as you envision.3d rendering barre3

Why Spectrum Lockers?

Spectrum Lockers is the market’s #1 choice for high-end phenolic lockers, a dream come true for designers. Spectrum uses visually stunning and high-quality Trespa and Arpa panels, which are durable and ideal for high traffic areas and humid environments. As phenolic lockers are perfect for high traffic areas you won’t have to worry about mold, vandalism or denting.  Phenolic comes in over 500 colours, finishes and woodgrains and can be customized as well.  You can also specify matching benches to pair with your aesthetic lockers, download your cut sheet, here.

Drop us a line and we can brainstorm to see how we can transform your space using Spectrum Lockers. Contact us today!

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