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New Lockport YMCA adds Spectrum Lockers in their new facilities

Since its creation, the YMCA has been focused on providing family and youth development services with their sports facilities, offering a wide variety of activities and organization of courses.

The city of Lockport needed a new YMCA because the 92-year-old building was no longer able to accommodate the volume of families and youth coming in every day. The construction of the new building began in July 2017, giving birth to a more modern infrastructure by September 2018

The 52,000-square-foot building boasts a new gymnasium and swimming pool, a steam room, two exercise studios and a children’s “adventure center.”

YMCA decided to install Spectrum Lockers in their new facilities because our high-end phenolic lockers are the best choice when it comes to humid and high-traffic areas.

Furthermore, our phenolic lockers are elegant and modern while integrating flawlessly into any room and perfecting the interior design.

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