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Spectrum Safe Screens & The Healthcare Sector

Our Safe Screen product line is the newest addition to Spectrum, made with  Trespa® TopLab Base® – which is durable and chemical friendly. 

Entering workspaces are very different now, but the Safe Screen product innovation team has been hard at work creating products to meet the needs of safe spaces. We are here to help you prepare your new or existing spaces with physical barriers to minimize the spread of viruses, with easy to install partitions to enhance social distancing in small spaces. 

Etobicoke General
Spectrum Lockers stepped in to help prepare the emergency room waiting area for guests in need to deter the spread of Covid-19. Break rooms at Etobicoke General Hospital were also modified using the Safe Screen Tabletops, and 50 chair cubbies to follow. This installation helped create safe break rooms and spaces for staff and visitors to take off their masks to rest for a few moments while maintaining a safe distance from one another. Thank you to our returning customer William Osler Health System for the feedback to get the product just right.

In healthcare, one of our priorities is to create a safe environment for all patients, visitors, and staff. Allied Technical Sales really were able to help us achieve this during the early stages and throughout the COVID – 19 pandemic. With the support of their amazing creative team William Osler Health System has implemented Spectrum Safe Screen products in our public waiting spaces and within our staff break space. Their custom, durable, products do not support bacterial growth and were able to be applied in every area requiring additional safety precaution aiding in preventing the spread of COVID-19. The Spectrum Safe Screen non-permanent solution is great as it does not damage or interfere with our existing furniture and environment. With their added collapsible feature it will allow us to easily store away the Safe Screens and Chair Cubbies if we were to need these as a preventative pandemic solution in the future. We thank you for your versatile and helpful product and service.

Julie Henri, Project Coordinator | William Osler Health System

Brampton Civic Hospital 
A total of eight Safe Screen Chair Cubbies were installed in various departments within the hospital including the waiting room to contain germs brought in by patients. These individual units allow for the same seating arrangements but use physical hygienic barriers between each chair. This product’s self-supporting partition is simple to assemble, with zero fasteners and no tools required. Safe Screens are here to make life easier and safer, avoiding the hassle.

Some of our other projects include:

  • Bridgeport Hospital = Chair cubbies x5 in colour Pastel Grey (E0-015), installed in the lobby area
  • Department of Health, Manatee County = Chair cubbies x4
  • Harding Display Corp = PPE multistation x2

The key benefits of Safe Screens include:

  • Zero fasteners required
  • Enhance social distancing in tight places
  • Easy to Clean Lab-grade surface
  • Easy to install and disassemble
  • No tools required to assemble
  • Custom dimensions available 
  • Single or Double (back-to-back) models available.
  • Water and moisture resistant
  • Smooth finish
  • Durable for high traffic locations
  • Graffiti, scratch, and impact resistant 
  • Custom engraving and logo options available on request

For more general information, visit our Safe Screen product page:

To speak with a Spectrum representative, contact Lizann McClure (

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